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A passionate and creative coder

Key Strengths: Quality, Team Work, Time Management

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Java, JavaScript, SQL

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Hands On

C++, Android, Visual Basic, Dojo, SQL, Python, Prolog, JCup, DrRacket, Mozart OZ, Clips, Open GL, Action Script, Node.js


My Physio Doc

This app will help a physiotherapist track and monitor the progress of his/her patients and also provide the patients an easy way to follow the prescribed exercises from the comfort of their homes.

Project Duration: 2 Months

Technologies Used: Java EE, JAX-RS, JPA, Android, MySQL, GSON, GCM, TOMCAT

Features: Hosted on Openshift(Cloud), Secure REST APIs, Auto generated API doc, Video Streaming, Exercises from NIH

Link: If site is down, I need to restart the server since its not Free :( Please conact me to get it up and running.

Space Invaders

Aliens have invaded planet earth and all of humanity depends on you... As usual ^_^

Project Duration: 1 Month

Technologies Used: Flash Action Script

Keyboard Controls:
Up: ↑
Down: ↓
Right: →
Left: ←
Shoot: Space

Art: Sketches drawn by me in flash

3D Tree

A set of cones in OpenGL transformed using Lindenmayer system to draw realistic 3D trees

Project Duration: 2 Weeks

Technologies Used: C++, OpenGL

Controls are used to add more branches, increase height and leaves as cones or triangles